About us

It is our vision to provide AV technology rental services to our clientele and to support AV sales as well as growing sales figures. We refuse to merely deliver our technology to the client and consider the order completed upon the hand-over of the equipment.
We strive to develop a closer, client-oriented relationship which starts with client's inquiry, continues by consulting the technical specifications with our event manager and finally ends with our technical support provided at a world-class five-star standard.
As a matter-of-fact, we provide feedback from large events organized for end clients, evaluate rate of success of individual installations, analyze the utilization of rented equipment and adjust our offer on an on-going basis to make sure we meet client expectations of beneficial cooperation.



We do believe in long-term partnership with our clients, employees and providers.
We emphasise easy and intuitive operation, which provides more freedom for creative work and efficient communication.

When our work fulfils the expectations of our clients, we expect appropriate compensation.This allows us to develop our core competencies and ensures the long-term prosperity of our clients and employees.

We analyse the latest trends and the potential of applying them in practice. Given our vast experience, this ensures a high level of benefit for our clients.
We are fully aware that successfully fulfilling client expectations rests on our employees.This is why we strive for a work environment that fosters professional growth, self respect, support and pride in joint efforts.

Our business portfolio covers the following areas:

  • Rental of mobile AV technology (projection, sound, lighting, office) for short-term and other events, including complete production, event management and technical assistance
  • Rental of trade show exhibit stands, trade show exhibit furniture, production and implementation of graphic elements
  • Sale and integration of mobile AV equipment for interior and exterior spaces
  • “Design” solutions and professional documentation for integration of equipment
  • Implementation of specialized dispatching centers
  • Government-certified partner in a “Smart Technologies” for schools grant project
  • Our certified subsidiary “SMARTER” provides specialized training programs in the areas of: presentation skills, customer approach, management of key accounts, business strategy and communication, development of business relationships, etc.
  • Certified service department for brand-name AV equipment

Sales support

  • A single sales consultant throughout the entire process starting with the INQUIRY and ending with the IMPLEMENTATION
  • The sales consultant closely cooperates with the client staff
  • Maximum elimination of error and failures in communication
  • The sales consultant provides professional support to the client and, if necessary, he/she also represents the client at important meetings (like site inspections and technical meetings)
  • Language skills (English is the minimum standard), other languages are Czech, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, German
  • Direct and professional style communication
  • The sales consultant provides room plans, 2D installation plans, 3D visualizations
  • The sales consultant prepares price calculations for the client
  • Price flexibility allows us to accommodate the requirements of price sensitive clients

Turnkey event project management

  • A single project manager plans and prepares implementation of turnkey events
  • The project manager manages the entire technical team on site
  • The project manager reviews and communicates changes in individual parts of the turnkey delivery covering the entire process including INSTALLATION – EVENT - DISMANTLING
  • The project manager closely cooperates with the client's implementation team
  • Language skills (English)
  • Direct communication with the client regarding the technical details of the event
  • Coordination and logistics of ad hoc requirements during the event
  • The project manager informs the hotel implementation team about the course of the entire event
  • Assesses the event and informs the sales consultant

Technical implementation

  • Our technicians are client-oriented experts, who install, operate and dismount all provided AV equipment
  • All technicians acknowledge and follow the 5 star international standards in client service
  • All technicians follow agreed dress code in uniform work attire and formal attire during operation
  • All technicians have necessary language skills (English, German, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian)
  • All technicians flexibly react to changes in event requirements
  • They communicate directly with end clients on the technical details of the event
  • They work closely with the hotel’s implementation team
  • They offer maximum flexibility to the end client to the hotel’s implementation team